Learning French Through Play

At Aiducation, we firmly believe that learning while having fun is essential for sharing and transmitting the culture of our local, Canadian, and international Francophonie. 

That's why we offer learning experiences and activities led by a tutor, designed to develop Francophone expression in a captivating and entertaining way. Our students have the opportunity to discover Francophone arts and music, explore expressions and vocabulary through fun games, all while immersing themselves in the French language in a playful and structured manner.

By exploring the arts and encountering Francophone artists, children open themselves to new cultural perspectives, stimulating their creativity and awakening an interest in the cultural riches of the Francophone world.

Immersion in Francophone music and discovering its artists help children develop a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the richness of artistic expressions in French.

Learning expressions and vocabulary through fun activities instills in children an interest in the French language, enriching their personal culture and that of the next generation.

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