Welcome to Aiducation, where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential!

Our mission is to become the leading French-speaking tutoring, homework assistance, and French exam preparation service in Northwest Ontario and Manitoba. For many, Aiducation becomes a trusted partner in the educational journey, turning every challenge into a success.

At Aiducation, excelling at school is about more than just grades – it's about helping your child:

Aiducation-icone-confiance01.pngBUILD CONFIDENCE

Aiducation-icone-concentration.pngSHARPEN FOCUS

Aiducation-icone-ethique.pngAND DEVELOP A STRONG WORK ETHIC

So, let's embark on a wonderful educational partnership.

Our Star Tutors

Our tutors use various learning models to adapt to each student, easing the stress associated with homework and studies.

For Elementary Students
Our elementary school tutors are like superheroes of knowledge, fluent in the French curriculum and ready to join you on this adventure.

For High School Students
And our high school tutors? They're masters of their subjects, equipped with post-secondary education and a passion for teaching.

Our Secret IngredientOur personalized approach turns homework and study time into moments of inspiration.

We believe that each student is unique and deserves a tailored and enriching journey, which is why Aiducation is committed not just to teaching the material, but also to nurturing your child's curiosity and boosting their confidence. Our team is driven by values close to our heart:



Aiducation-icone-approche.pngUNIQUE TEACHING APPROACH



How Does It Work?

Together, we can pave the way to each child's educational success. That's why creating an authentic and warm connection with each family is at the core of our mission!

Aiducation-icone-etape01.pngStep 1
Register your child via our online form.

Aiducation-icone-etape02.pngStep 2
Aiducation will contact you to understand your specific needs and get permission to discuss with the student's teacher if necessary.

Aiducation-icone-etape-03.pngStep 3
Aiducation will inform you about the tutor's name and the tutoring location (public space, school, Francophone Centre, virtual connection).

Aiducation-icone-etape04.pngStep 4
Aiducation stays in touch to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Of course, you can contact Aiducation at any time if you feel the tutor isn't a perfect fit for your child, and we will find another tutor with a different approach. 

Whether it's online or in person, Aiducation is here to brighten your child's educational journey.